Global Warming


Khem Raj Bhatta

B.Sc. 4th Semester

Kailali Multiple Campus

Global warming: what you need to know:


                Global warming refers to the gradual increase in the Earth temperature.

           What Causes Global Warming?

                 The primary culprit behind global warming is the    increased concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere .These gases such as carbon dioxide (co2), nitrous oxide (N2o) and methane (CH4). Human activities like burning fossil fuel for energy and deforestation.

            Why is it a Problem?  

  1.  Melting ice:

As global temperature rise, polar ice caps and glaciers melt. This contributes to rising sea levels. This poses threat to coastal areas, putting community and ecosystem at risk.

  • Extreme weather:

Global warming is linked to an increase in extreme weather events such as Hurricanes, Heat waves and floods. This event disrupt ecosystem and harm communities.

  • Disruption of Ecosystem:

The changing Climate affects ecosystem and biodiversity. Some species may struggle to adapt or face habitat loss, leading to disruption in delicate balance of ecosystem.

      What can we do :

  1. Reduce greenhouse gas emission:

Industries and government can collectively work towards reducing their carbon foot print. This involves transition to renewable energy source like solar and wind power.

  • Reforestation and conservation:

Planting trees and preserving forest help absorb co2 from the atmosphere. Forests act as natural carbon sinks and help combat global warming.


                                   Global warming affects us all. By taking small steps and making informed choice, we can protect our planet for future generation. let’s be the part of the solution!

Remember: Every action counts!

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